Teaching U, LLC     Early Intervention and Autism Therapy​

Enrichment Classes

Our Infant Toddler Developmental Specialists offer classes designed to enrich your child's growth and development.  Your child will have fun playing, exploring, and learning while you learn about child development as it pertains to your child.  

We offer classes for all children. 

Some of our classes are designed to meet the specific language and social needs of autism.

Does my child need a diagnosis?

No.  We work with all children.  Your child may have a diagnosis, perhaps you suspect a delay, or maybe you just want a head start on development.  We can work with you and your child to meet your specific needs as presented by you and your child.  No diagnosis is necessary. 

Early Intervention 

We can match your child's unique needs with one of our certified Infant Toddler Developmental Specialists.  Your early interventionist will work with you to overcome obstacles and develop a course of action.  The specialist then meets with you on a regular basis to teach you how to make your child's life therapeutic.